The HOTEL PLAZAMAR,   a  colonial style  hotel,  is  located in   Macuto, traditional    city  in the  central coast  of  vargas  state ,  40 minutes from  Caracas    and  20 minutes   from  the International Airport of Maiquetía. Placed between the beautiful   mountains of the national park Waraira Repano (National Park  El  Avila) and the Caribbean Sea.  It is the ideal place  to stay  on  your  arrival to the country and  plan  your tour ,   it  is an ideal  place  to rest   from your  trip before   returning home. If you like the
mountain  you can  go   by  jeep to   the vllages of san jose de galipan and san isidro where you can eat the tasty sandwiches and taste strawberries with cream. On the way you can visit the museum of the marine dreaming stones, the museum of the legendary Dr. Knoch famous for his mummys. On top there is The Old Hotel Humboldt and the cable car that goes down to Caracas. On the Boulevard of Macuto there are two beaches and if you want to walk a little, there is the beaches of Camuri Chico .